CattleEye is a video analytics platform powered by deep learning which solves this problem by providing insights to livestock farmers and the wider supply chain which increases farm efficiencies and improves animal welfare.


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Disruption within the food supply chain is being driven by macro trends including the exponential growth in world population which coupled with increased protein consumption have put pressure on existing livestock protein sources.

CattleEye achieves a double bottom line by providing insights to livestock farmers and the wider supply chain which will increase farm efficiencies and improve animal welfare.

A prime example of the insights that CattleEye can deliver is an early indication of dairy cow lameness which can save dairy farmers money by tackling a problem which adds a cost of 1p per litre equating to a £142 million annual loss to the UK dairy industry alone and substantially more worldwide.

The team

The company was founded by repeat entrepreneur Terry Canning, an experienced software developer who grew up on a dairy farm. Terry founded FarmWizard, the world’s first cloud based livestock management service in 2004 and sold it to Wheatsheaf, exiting FarmWizard in March 2019.  Adam Askew, formerly Senior Architect for the Life Sciences division within the Philips Digital and Computational Pathology, is CattleEye co-founder and now CTO. Adam has attracted five of his former Philips colleagues to join CattleEye and between them they have a combined experience of almost 40 years working with deep learning and image detection technology providing technology solutions for cancerous tumor detection. Dr Nial J O’Boyle BVSc MS MBA MRCVS  is a world-renowned published large herd veterinarian with a network of large dairy farms across the world. Nial is a consultant product director in the company.

Leading UK technologist Dr Jayne Brady MBE is a co-founder and strategic advisor to the company. Widely recognised as the world’s foremost researcher in human facial recognition technology, founder and former CTO of AnyVision, Professor Neil Robertson is a director and scientific advisor to CattleEye.

Digital Catapult
The programme is delivered by Digital catapult as part of a CAP-AI project and is part funded through the European Regional Development Fund.